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There’s a fundamental problem that, for many customers, makes online shopping less comfortable than it has to be: when they aren’t home, their package ends up at the post-office. From there, the shipments have to be picked up again, which is time consuming and annoying. However, Amazon now claims to have solved this problem; with the help of a new, high-tech door lock. “Amazon Key” Is the name of the new service that the company has introduced in the US.

Amazon Key: Not Only For Packages - Also For Cleaners and Co.

On the corresponding website, Amazon is advertising their new service as follows: “Not home? No problem. As a Prime Member, get your Amazon packages securely delivered just inside your front door. Plus, grant access to the people you trust, like your family, dog walker or house cleaner - no more leaving a key under the mat.”

Whoever wants to use the service must first buy the necessary kit, the so-called “Amazon Key In-Home Kit”. This basic accessory set costs $249 and includes a high-tech door lock with intelligent locking technology as well as a smart full HD security camera with night vision mode and 2-way audio option.

That’s how the new breed of parcel delivery should be – how could it be any different?! Prime customers receive the service at no extra charge. With the app that is included, the customer can check the status of the order. As a further security factor,the Amazon camera allows the user to watch a video of the delivery, writes Heise. As soon as the door is opened, the camera begins shooting.


Amazon Key - Well Thought-Out Regarding Customer Loyalty

It is a clever step that Amazon, with its new, intelligent door lock not only wants to let the (in-house) parcel couriers into the home of its customers, but also external service providers. That makes the service even more attractive to several customers. The potential service providers that would like to make your life easier by getting into your place are many.

By contrast, many customers are likely to consider the use of such devices several times before buying them, because the topic of security cannot be avoided regarding this point - even if you consider that Amazon has just “won” the Big Brother Award in Vienna. This is a negative prize that FutureZone says “is awarded to the biggest data privacy violators of the year”. Consequently, the corporation won the award from the category, “Global Data-Hunger”:

“Amazon is following a creepy company trajectory: They want to have a piece of every transaction that happens on Earth”, say the movers and shakers. With Amazon Echo, the company has basically put a “spy” in the middle of their customers’ living rooms.