More and more people we know are integrating Alexa into their lives with Echo devices. With an ever-growing number of tasks that Alexa can assist with in our private lives, it was only a matter of time before Alexa For Business was unveiled.

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Alexa For Business brings the features of Alexa to the office. Shared devices can be placed in common areas and workers can use their personal devices to connect work and home.

Alexa For Business Applications

According to, end users can utilise shared or personal devices with the following functions:

With shared devices, one can join meetings in conference rooms by simply saying "Alexa, start the meeting”. Alexa takes care of the conference equipment, dials into the call and gets the meeting up and running. It also acts like an office assistant: access custom skills to help with directions around the office, finding an open conference room, report equipment problems or order new supplies.

With personal devices, Alexa helps to make phone calls (hands free) and can send messages for you. It automatically dials into conference calls from home, work or on the go. It checks calendars quickly, helps to schedule meetings, manages to-do lists and sets reminders. Need to find some information quickly? Alexa can find info in popular business applications like Salesforce, Concur or Splunk.

A Boon Of Functionality For Administrators

Administrators will find Alexa For Business especially useful. They can provision & manage shared Alexa devices, configure conference room settings, manage users, manage skills and build private skills & use Alexa For Business APIs.

This is really only a brief overview of what Alexa For Business is capable of. To find out more about it, check out the Alexa For Business website, read the admin and API guides in the AWS documentation or watch the Getting Started videos within the Alexa For Business console.

For those who have already made Alexa part of their lives, Alexa For Business will open up a wealth of opportunity.