Ring has launched its own, $199 connected home security system called Protect.


The security system from Ring is available just a couple weeks after connected home rival Nest launched its own security system, Nest Secure. Tech Crunch’s Darrell Etherington asked Ring CEO, Jamie Siminoff whether Ring’s product was a response to Nest’s, but he said he believes it to be quite the opposite.

“We had this pretty much set out, but because we got sued by ADT, because we’re doing something so competitive to them that they had to try to step in our way, which I think is a complement, it released a lot of information about this. I believe that’s why you saw a half-baked announcement that came from a competitor that didn’t even have full pricing and shipping dates on everything. I think it was kind of the opposite; it’s amazing that a competitor that size is reacting to us, and I’ll take that as a compliment, too.”

Why Ring is Different

Ring also believes it can achieve more than others in this area because of its overarching mission, which has given sharp focus to much of its product development to date: creating a so-called “Ring of security” that extends across the home and into the neighbourhood. Protect is a large part of this plan. It deepens the relationship that Ring has with its customers, and allows it to gather data that will truly hone and personalize its alert system and monitoring services.

According to Siminoff, this is one of Ring’s key differentiators over home security industry stalwarts like ADT. He feels ADT and their kind are marketing companies, whereas Ring is a product and “mission” company. He also stated that Ring is focused on an overall goal of making neighbourhoods more secure.

Ring Protect retails for $199 for the basic hardware. The system also works with all of Ring’s existing products. The Protect plans start at $10 a month including 24/7 monitoring by professionals as well as unlimited cloud storage for recording from an unlimited number of Ring devices. All that plus a 10% discount on future Ring hardware purchases. The Ring Protect system is available for pre-order now, and should be available at retail stores later this month.