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Whether it's a good idea or not, artificial intelligence (AI) is coming. Companies are developing and implementing AI more and more, brought to us by a new report by Gartner. The 2019 CIO Survey brought to us by the Stamford, Connecticut firm questioned more than 3,000 executives in 89 countries. AI implementation grew an amazing 270% over the last 4 years; 37% over the last 12 months. more

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With increasing sizes of datasets on the web, and complex relationships that need to be represented, businesses and entrepreneurs need ways of applying machine learning techniques to uncover patterns in their data. Most of the time, your data already holds more valuable information than visible at first glance. What’s needed, is to find ways to structure and access the data to use it properly. Teaching your machines to learn, and learn well, means more turnover. more

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Building machine learning models can sometimes be difficult. New open source deep learning interfaces such as Gluon and ontologies/knowledge bases like Grakn allow developers to accomplish just that without compromising performance. Gluon’s optimized neural network components are pre-built, providing a clear and concise API for defining machine learning models. Grakn is the self-proclaimed database for AI. more