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One would think that, with all the scandals, Facebook would be in some hot water financially, but owning all the top apps helps to weather the storm. One app, in particular, is more frequently used than all the other apps owned by the social media giant – that app is WhatsApp. In September 2018, WhatsApp had more active users monthly than the Facebook app for the first time. more

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Apple Pay is now available in Germany. Apple launched the payment platform yesterday, and users are communicating their successful use of the platform on Twitter, adding their debit or credit card credentials to Apple Pay. In Germany, Apple Pay is supported by many banks. more

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A bold statement indeed, what if retail apps for m-commerce are really on their way out? That’s what a recent study by Vanson Bourne and WP Engine found out. More than 80% of IT, R&D and marketing professionals across the UK, US and Australia think that apps could be going the way of the dodo – that forward-thinking organisations will be implementing Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and Progressive Web Apps (PWA) within the next 12 months. more