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Even though British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has a series of meetings planned with European leaders, he still feels there are difficulties over an agreement. Johnson cautions against speculation that he could come close to a revision of a Brexit deal after talks with these European leaders. This came at a UN summit this week, with Johnson saying "a New York breakthrough" did not seem likely. more


The British government have released an assessment of possible effects that a no-deal Brexit may have on the UK, thanks to MPs who demanded it be made public. Drawn up as "Operation Yellowhammer" and marked as "Official Sensitive" on 2 August 2019, it describes possible outcomes, contingency plans and, most importantly, no-deal planning if the UK decides to leave the European Union without a deal. more

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Amazon has some 900 employees planning a walkout to protest climate change. In solidarity with youth activists, the walkout is planned for 20 September as part of the Global Climate Strike. The demonstration, youth-driven, includes events around the world demanding an end to fossil fuel dependence. An advocacy group called Amazon Employees for Climate Justice organized the walkout. more


To underscore and highlight just how far Brexit will seep into all facets of business between the UK and the EU, those in the music business touring Europe from the UK will have to pay import duty and VAT on ALL merchandise before even entering Europe to tour. Many people don't realize that musicians make a large part of their income on tours from merchandise. Merchandise on tour usually goes to the musicians themselves. more

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Boris Johnson, prime minister of the United Kingdom, has suspended British parliament, preventing it from sitting for the lion's share of the crucial period leading up to the 31 October Brexit deadline. Those who oppose a no-deal Brexit now have a lot more than concerns over opposing Johnson and the Brexiteers – how can they oppose anything if they aren't in session? more

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U.S. companies are applying to the U.S. government to work with Huawei despite the trade tariffs the Trump administration has levied on China. Trump said last July that some U.S. suppliers would be exempt from the tariffs, but so far no vendors have been allowed to do so. Although many companies rely on their sales to Huawei, the U.S. Commerce Department has not approved any of them yet. more