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Zalando uses the personnel system Zonar. This enables supervisors and employees to evaluate the performance and/or social behaviour of employees. Philipp Staab and Sascha-Christopher Geschke, from the Humboldt University in Berlin, have worked on a study on the system that was made available to the Süddeutsche Zeitung. Their criticism is harsh: "In essence, it is about permanently evaluating, monitoring and sanctioning employees," say the researchers. more

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The Facebook controversy continues with their decision to allow UK election candidates to run false ads in addition to those candidates in the United States. Facebook confirmed this to CNN Business, coming at a time when the United Kingdom is on the cusp of a historic December election. Nick Clegg, a Facebook executive and former deputy prime minister of the UK, champions the policies, although he once complained about "lies" spread during the 2016 Brexit referendum. more

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The United Kingdom is not going to crash out of the European Union at the end of the week. The EU has agreed to a flexible extension to Brexit, giving the beleaguered island nation time until 31 October 2020 to make good on their decision that was made back in 2016. This agreement allows those against Brexit in the UK (and outside of it) to breathe a sigh of relief. This is the third extension given this year, which has the ability to be cut short if Prime Minister Johnson finds a way to pass his exit deal before the end of January 2020. more

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Facebook announced the plan to spend millions of dollars on top notch journalism with a new dedicated news tab on its platform. CEO Mark Zuckerberg and News Corp CEO Robert Thomson gave an interview not long after the announcement, with Thomson explaining why objective journalism in the social media age is important. more

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The Brexit drama is moving along with the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson requesting a snap general election if the EU should decide to delay Brexit until January 2020. Number 10 Downing Street also denies that the government is split over how to move forward with the Brexit process. Despite all of that, some ministers are understood to be urging the PM to make another attempt to first get his deal through Parliament first. more

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After a rare sitting on Saturday, British Parliament forced Boris Johnson to send a letter to the European Union asking for a new delay to the UK's impending Brexit. Although the deal is different than the one proposed by Theresa May, Johnson's deal jettisons the backstop clause, which was designed to prevent a return to physical checks on the Irish border. Instead, the border will be in the Irish Sea according to the deal. more