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After a rare sitting on Saturday, British Parliament forced Boris Johnson to send a letter to the European Union asking for a new delay to the UK's impending Brexit. Although the deal is different than the one proposed by Theresa May, Johnson's deal jettisons the backstop clause, which was designed to prevent a return to physical checks on the Irish border. Instead, the border will be in the Irish Sea according to the deal. more

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson says he has reached a deal with Brussels. He also says he is "very confident" that MPs in the UK Parliament will back his deal. That being said, the vote is expected to have a very small margin of error for the pro-Brexiters. The PM is going to be busy garnering support from Labour MPs in Leave-voting areas, Tory Brexiteers and rebels that he himself has expelled from his party. more

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Just a week after PayPal leaves Facebook's Libra crypto-currency, Visa, Mastercard, eBay, Stripe and Mercado Pago have withdrawn from the Libra Association, which really makes things difficult for Mark Zuckerberg and his dreams of distributing a global crypto-currency. This has come before today's first official meeting of the Libra association which is taking place today. more

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The Brexit deadline of 31 October is making it hard for retailers and suppliers to stockpile goods. Limited by space and cash, companies are going to find it hard to meet demand if a no-deal Brexit comes to pass at the end of the month, say logistics and finance industry businesses. A no-deal scenario to Brexit would mean big changes to customs tariffs, with 88% of goods by value coming into the UK being tariff-free, 22% having new tariffs payable when coming from the EU. more

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In the midst of finding a resolution to its high-stakes trade war with China, the Trump administration announced Wednesday that it will impose tariffs on $7.5 billion in European imports beginning 18 October. These tariffs involve European Union subsidies to the plane manufacturer Airbus. This newest escalation in tariffs a la the Trump administration is a new chapter in the trade wars that are raising fears of a global recession and tanking the world economy. more

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If UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is defeated in a vote of no confidence to prevent a no-deal Brexit, Jo Swinson refuses to back the Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn. Even though there is a cross-party plan to install Corbyn in the event of Johnson being ousted, the Liberal Democrats don't want to give Corbyn the seat. The chasm between the Lib Dems and Labour is a serious issue if the leaders in Westminster want to block a no-deal Brexit from happening. more