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Google has a solution to their 'using the other guy's search engine' problem. They are going to charge other search providers a fee to be the Android default in Europe. Other search providers will not be amused by the fact that only the top three bidders will be included alongside Google on the choice screen. This new search provider choice screen will be starting in early 2020 when users in Europe are setting up their new phones or tablets. more

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It goes without saying that Brexit would cost German companies billions of Euros if, when and how it comes to pass on 31 October 2019. In the case of a hard Brexit, these German firms would have to pay more than €3 billion in customs duties, with UK-EU trade being cut in half, according to a new report by the German Economic Institute (IW). Consumers in Germany could face higher prices on products as companies react to the trade disruption. more

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Boris Johnson has been named the new leader of the conservatives in the UK. As he takes over the Prime Minister seat today, the retail and logistics industry is stressing again the importance of avoiding a no deal Brexit. It goes without saying that all of us in the e-commerce industry will be waiting with bated breath as both Johnson and the incoming Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson set their sights on Brexit – as the October 31 deadline looms ever closer. more

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As the trade war with China goes on escalating, trying to offset the cost of tariffs by raising prices is going to hurt sales for online retailers. If the showdown between the U.S. and China gets worse, Amazon will also be affected. Amazon sellers all over the world are trying to get through this unpredictable tariff minefield, upsetting their stable business model of buying cheap goods from China and selling them with a markup in the U.S. The problem is pushing the limits of what these sellers can handle, with Trump dropping another $300 billion worth of tariffs, most of which is on consumer goods. more

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Let's face it – every day that goes by brings a no-deal Brexit closer to becoming a reality. Businesses in the EU and in the UK need to redouble their efforts to prepare for the eventuality. London only has up until 31 October 2019 to come up with some sort of deal. Preparations are needed to stay well-informed as to just what a no-deal Brexit entails. The Institute of Directors (IOD) has quite a few pointers. more

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YouTube has decided to take the side of edgy and popular commentator, Steven Crowder, formally responding to a massive feud between the conservative YouTuber and writer/video host Carlos Maza. Basically, YouTube stated that Crowder's channel violated none of YouTube's policies, and that his channel (and the offending episodes) will remain up. This comes after repeated homophobic and ethnic slurs were directed toward Maza in videos posted on YouTube. more