To underscore and highlight just how far Brexit will seep into all facets of business between the UK and the EU, those in the music business touring Europe from the UK will have to pay import duty and VAT on ALL merchandise before even entering Europe to tour. Many people don't realize that musicians make a large part of their income on tours from merchandise. Merchandise on tour usually goes to the musicians themselves. more

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Boris Johnson, prime minister of the United Kingdom, has suspended British parliament, preventing it from sitting for the lion's share of the crucial period leading up to the 31 October Brexit deadline. Those who oppose a no-deal Brexit now have a lot more than concerns over opposing Johnson and the Brexiteers – how can they oppose anything if they aren't in session? more

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U.S. companies are applying to the U.S. government to work with Huawei despite the trade tariffs the Trump administration has levied on China. Trump said last July that some U.S. suppliers would be exempt from the tariffs, but so far no vendors have been allowed to do so. Although many companies rely on their sales to Huawei, the U.S. Commerce Department has not approved any of them yet. more

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Huawei is getting a 90-day respite from the U.S. export ban. This allows the $11 billion export portion of the business American companies do with Huawei, the Chinese electronics giant – at least for now. At the beginning of the week, the United States Commerce Department's Bureau of Industry and Security announced an extension of the Temporary General License for Huawei and its non-U.S. affiliates. That means they can continue to buy goods they need from American companies. more

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Amazon is getting some bad press again. This time from the China Labor Watch, who didn't have anything good to say about the working environment in an assembly plant that produces devices for Inc. The factory has since fired 2 executives in response to a labour organization's allegations that it slashed wages and ignored laws to help deal with rising U.S. tariffs. more

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Domino's pizza is stockpiling toppings in the UK to beat the no-deal Brexit fears of disrupted supply chains. They spent £7 million on imported ingredients like tomato sauce that comes all the way from Portugal. If a no-deal Brexit comes to pass, it will mean disruptions in supply chains and higher import costs. Domino's feels the probability of shortages has gone up since March. more