Boris Johnson will be remaining at 10 Downing Street, whilst trying not to remain in the European Union. The United Kingdom have elected the Tories yet again. The election results are just another example of public opinion moving further to the right.

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Voter Turnout

It is absolutely no secret that, the older a person is, the more likely they are to vote. Although many young people voted, this December election showed the "boomer" generation hitting the Labour Party's struggle extremely hard.Voter Intentions December UK elections

Regional Votes

Voting in the United Kingdom takes place much like it does in many other democratic countries. Polling stations are set up in churches and other public places. According to BBC, in a general election, the UK's 46 million voters are invited to choose an MP for their area - one of 650 constituencies. Below is an info graphic of how these constituencies are set up.

UK voter constituencies and results


An English/German Voice

To better get a feeling for how many in the Labour party are feeling right now, here is an opinion piece from Oliver Meisel, a gentleman who can boast both English and German heritage, giving him unique insights into the election. Here is what he had to say, of course, in typical English style, with humour and a lack of fear:

"I sincerely hope that Scotland does the right thing, and holds a new referendum and destroys whatever it is that, apparently, makes Britain "great". It doesn't deserve such a title. It's a joke. Europe does not need England; not one like this, not one that is run by a gang of bully boy Tory government [officials]. This election will surely be remembered as year zero; the absolute end of the British "empire". It's been dead a long, bloody time and now it's time to finally bury the rotting, stinking carcass that it is. Stick it in the channel tunnel and block up the drain for good; as sad as that may seem.

I honestly don't understand how Mr. Johnson, who time and time again, has been caught out as a lying, incompetent ape, has been given the trust of the people to steer the UK into the future; a future that holds what? Basically, selling the country off to the highest bidder in the United States, privatizing whatever there is left to privatize, turning the UK into a tax haven for the super rich. Buckingham Palace? Just wait till Trump gets his hands on it and turns it into a 5-star hotel and St. James Park into a golf course.
We could have had real change. A Labour government with a great leader. In the same way as Franklin Roosevelt took on the rich, Mr. Corbyn could and would have done the same, and really made Britain great again; at least for the many and not the few. Unfortunately, I really don't know what it will take for the Labour party to regain power if this push has failed. I've never felt so inspired by the leader of a party like [I have been by] Mr. Corbyn. Labour did all they could. They fought an honest and decent campaign against the Tories."
Oliver Meisel is a social worker and professional artist working and living in Leipzig, Germany.