Boris Johnson's suspension of government was cunningly timed and placed, halting British parliament just before the Halloween deadline for Brexit to go through the government. Depending on which side you are on, this move is either genius, or criminal.

Boris Brit
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If a majority of the House of Commons were opposed to a no-deal Brexit, they basically have two ways to move forward. First, they could request a further deferral of the Brexit deadline until after some game-changing event could take place, like a new referendum or general election. The second option is to have a vote of no-confidence in the government and hold an early general election.

Both of these options are extremely difficult. That is due to the very tight time-frames, which is most likely the reason why Boris Johnson decided to halt parliamentary proceedings. With parliament not meeting for the entire period of time leading up to the Brexit deadline, it is harder than ever to argue in the courts that the prorogation is unconstitutional.

If It Please The Queen

Boris Johnson gave prorogation advice to the Queen before a court could decide on if they should issue an injunction to prevent the giving of such advice. Going to the Queen seems to circumvent the entire process of going through ministers to request things like closing parliament as per the wishes of the prime minister.

Cutting up the period with prorogation in the middle of the lead-up to Brexit's deadline, from 10 September to 13 October, means it is likely to be too little time to achieve the procedural steps necessary to pass legislation or the resolutions necessary to secure a change in government, according to

Adding insult to injury, the parliamentary stop by the government effectively controls the order of proceedings in the House of Commons, putting any uncompleted action by parliament on ice. Any of these partially completed actions will also need to be started anew.

The Masterstroke

There are a lot of jokes about Boris Johnson on the Internet and on the telly, but this strategic halt to British parliament may have just destroyed the chances of those opposed to Brexit. For those who wish to remain, they should hope beyond hope that there are some strategies for the remainers that remain to be seen.