Facebook executives have already been installed to helm the two companies, now the social network behemoth is slapping some corporate branding on the applications to make sure we all remember who is running the show. Users didn't mind Facebook owning Instagram and WhatsApp so much – as long as they left the apps alone, but that time is ending.

FB, Insta, WA logos
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These new titles may not be all over the app right away, but they most likely will appear on the splash screens of Instagram and WhatsApp, which Facebook already did with Oculus. Thanks to a report by the Verge, it's clear Facebook wants to be clearer about their products and services. Mr. Zuckerberg has already told us about his plans to offer a connected, end-to-end encrypted messaging system between Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. This is in line with his promise of a newer, more private Facebook.

User Alienation

One issue could be that, because there has been a certain level of separation from Facebook in the past (even though it isn't real separation), that separation served the apps well in the past. Let's face it, as Facebook has lost popularity with younger users, Instagram and WhatsApp have gained popularity. 


This sudden assertion of ownership is quite a surprise considering Facebook's present track record with antitrust scrutiny from the Federal Trade Commission, which is checking out Facebook's acquisitions history. The FTC wants to examine whether Facebook's many acquisitions were made simply to smash the competition out of existence. Is it really going to be a good idea for Facebook to put their stamp on Instagram and WhatsApp?

Some people will hate the name change, others won't mind at all? How many will throw around the idea of deleting their Instagram and WhatsApp accounts?