Mixing online and stationary is still a thing. Amazon is working with Enterprise Nation in the UK to open pop-up shops across 10 cities in the island country across the next year. They're called Clicks and Mortar, and they'll be popping up first in Manchester (opened June 2019), with outlets in the Midlands, Scotland, the South East, Wales and Yorkshire to follow.

Amazon pop up truck
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Amazon is working with small businesses in the UK to open pop-up stores. The idea is to take advantage of UK shoppers' tendency to shop on the high street. All of the pop-ups will feature retailers who have built their businesses online. In total, more than 100 of them will be on display. Thanks to, we know that the Manchester pop-up includes stores like Swifty Scooters, Torro Cases (who manufacture and sell leather electronic cases) and Altr for Men (a skincare business). Alex Doyle, chief executive of Altr for Men says, "This gives us the first step in bringing the brand to life, letting customers be more interactive and giving them an opportunity to try and feel the product in the flesh."

The Word Of Amazon...

Doug Gurr, UK country manager of Amazon, was able to shed even more light on the reasons behind the pop-up strategy: "Small businesses are one of our most important customer groups and we’re thrilled to work with Enterprise Nation to design a comprehensive package to help entrepreneurs across the UK grow their businesses, both in-store and online. From giving up-and-coming online British brands the chance to experience physical retail, to funding the training of full-time apprenticeships and helping to increase SME exports, Amazon is committed to supporting the growth of small businesses – helping them boost the economy and create jobs across the UK."

...And Enterprise Nation

The founder of Enterprise Nation, Emma Jones added: “UK shoppers like to shop both online and in high street stores, and our intention is to help small businesses succeed by combining the best elements of online and high street retail. This new concept will provide small businesses with the space, technology and support to experience physical retail for the first time, while enabling customers to discover new brands on their local high streets.”

Changes in Retail

The retail landscape is ever-changing. The way customers shop (and hopefully) buy, starting at needs and wants moving all the way through the customer journey, and finally, through to the post-shopping experience. Online and offline are no longer separate things, with the lines between the two blurring more and more.

What Is Ebay Doing?

Last month, Ebay opened a store in Wolverhampton showcasing wares brought to us by local retailers. This is part of Ebay's Retail Rival programme. 

Amazon Plans

Amazon has planned a £1 million apprenticeship fund to assist small and medium-sized businesses with training for over 150 full-time trainees. The Amazon Academy is also providing free digital training to small businesses across the UK. Some 58% of the products found on Amazon were sold by smaller sellers in 2018. Amazon even says it helped to support more than 80,000 UK jobs, helping the corresponding businesses to achieve export sales of £2.5 billion.