Queen Elizabeth II has backed Parliament's motion to ask the European Union for an extension to Article 50. This is still important, even though no monarch in Britain has refused to sign a bill from Parliament since 1707. Now that Europe has given the UK an extension on their extension's extension – until 31 October, 2019, they will be taking part in the European Union Parliamentary Elections.

Halloween Brexit
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Navigating Brexit becomes increasingly difficult. May has scrambled for favour in Europe, twisting the arms of leaders to grant Great Britain an extension (again) to gain more time to push the Brexit deal through the British Parliament. The European Union grows tired of Great Britain's catastrophic failure to pass its own votes into lawful fact, and they were under no obligation to grant Mrs. May's request. However, it was quite clear that Europe would allow the UK to remain until they sort out their "spot of bother".

Brexit Halloween

The reports are all over the Internet, including at It was reported that the UK has accepted the extension until Halloween, 2019. The UK will definitely be taking part in the EU Elections at the end of this May. The members that the UK votes for will then stop working the day that the UK leaves the EU. Diplomatic sources stated that France was the toughest nut for Theresa May to crack at the emergency summit to deal with the confused British Parliament. France's President Macron feels that a delay beyond June 30, 2019 will undermine the EU bloc. This frustrated some diplomats, who feel that Paris was adding more uncertainty to the already difficult job of showing the UK the door.