In a survey by Neteller, which put together information from 1,000 consumers in the United Kingdom. With most of the news stories concentrating on Brexit at the moment, Neteller has shed some light on the UK's online shopping and spending habits in the year 2018.

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Let's break down the spending habits of the Brits when they shop on the Internet – at least according to ecommercenews' report of the Neteller survey. Some of the big sellers are quite easy to foresee, with others being harder to predict.

Autos & Holidays

The biggest sellers in the UK on the Internet were automotive items, making up 23% of the UK's total online spending. The next biggest investment in online shopping in the UK goes to their love of holidays, booking journeys to sunnier climes (mostly).

Food & Drink In The UK

British consumers also like to drink and eat, with an average spending of €1,830 per year. They don't only shop online for essential food items to prepare at home, there were also €920 spent on Internet takeaway food, as well as €1279 on alcohol. One interesting thing about the Neteller study is not what the British purchased, but how they felt about purchasing the items. Shoppers in the UK almost always regretted purchasing fast food, whilst online alcohol shoppers were less likely to regret ordering their tipple (alcohol). 


Funnily enough, what those in the UK regretted most was fashion purchases. 44% of those surveyed said they had bought something they wish they hadn't. CEO Lorenzo Lellegrino said: “Especially towards the end of the year, when many of us suddenly have to dig deeper to pay for Christmas gifts, we reflect on how little we’ve managed to budget for the big festive season. Online shopping makes it easy to buy anything you want, at any time, with just a few clicks – so it’s important to be smart about your spending”. 

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Britain’s top online purchases (with their average spend) in 2018

• Vehicle: €5,769
• Holidays: €3,249
• Food: €1,831
• Tech: €1,570
• Insurance: €1,381
• Alcohol: €1,279
• Experiences: €1,059
• Home: €997
• Takeaways: €991

What Britons regretted buying online in 2018

• Fashion (44%)
• Takeaways (34%)
• Vehicle (27%)
• Food (25%)
• Subscriptions (25%)
• Alcohol (24%)
• Beauty (22%)
• Home (20%)

Where Britons did their shopping

• Watching TV (58%)
• In bed (42%)
• At work (22%)
• Riding the bus(18%)
• On a sun lounger (10%)
• In the bath (8%)
• At hairdresser (5%)
• In a taxi (5%)