On June 5th, DPD Germany unveiled their new delivery vehicles, expanding their fleet to include 8 TRIPLs:  three-wheelers that are all electric. They’ll provide a fresh alternative delivery system for the last mile in those hard-to-reach urban areas. If you’re in Berlin, Hamburg or Cologne any time soon, you may see these rolling around the streets, delivering up to 50 smallish packages (around 200kg and 750 litres).


TRIPL Specs & Delivery

On a full charge, the TRIPL battery is sufficient to power the vehicle for up to 80-100 kilometres worth of urban deliveries, with a maximum speed of 45 km/h.

During a delivery trip, the TRIPL delivery driver may have to load up the tricycle with parcels several times. Therefore, the TRIPL can either dock with a conventional van or load up with parcels again at a micro-depot. These micro-depots are small transshipment points located in the urban delivery areas. They get supplied with parcels in the morning by truck or van, whilst the distribution in the delivery area is then carried out by smaller vehicles, e.g. by transport bikes or now, with the TRIPL, said DPD themselves.

Emission-Free Delivery

DPD uses a lot of different vehicles to enable emission-free local parcel deliveries in the inner city. They are currently expanding their delivery methods by transport bike, which is already being used in Hamburg, Heilbronn and Nuremberg. It will start in Berlin in the next few days, with further cities like Munich, Stuttgart, Ludwigsburg and Rostock to follow throughout 2018.

The logistics company is also testing pre-production models of the VW e-Crafter in Hamburg, Berlin and Stuttgart. It is the first, fully electric model in DPD’s favourite vehicle class – the van.

The Other Guys

Other logistics companies are trying out smarter and more earth-friendly delivery systems. In July of 2017, Hermes started testing the very same TRIPL trikes in Göttingen, whilst Dutch delivery service Byondo used them for the last mile deliveries in Amsterdam, says

This is what Gerd Seber, Group Manager Sustainability & Innovation at DPD Germany had to say, "Delivery in the city centre is one of the biggest challenges for parcel services like DPD. While parcel volumes are growing rapidly, inner-city traffic is also growing. This is where our TRIPLs can help, because they make much faster progress on narrow and congested inner-city streets than our conventional delivery vans. The emission-free electric drive of the TRIPL not only reduces traffic but also helps to conserve the environment.”