M-commerce is coming into its own and becoming truly international. Statistics don’t lie showing 75% of British, 77% of German, 78% of Spanish and a gigantic 86% of Italian consumers shopping online, often using their phones, to make purchases beyond their own borders.

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According to a study commissioned by, a global social shopping community that includes HotUKDeals in the UK, and reported, amongst others, by, 32% of consumers said they shopped online with retailers based overseas because they were looking for a specific product only sold by that retailer. In addition; 2% said they did so simply to test out the process; whilst 7% admitted that they weren’t aware that the site was not a UK based retailer.

Lower Prices Of Course

For the British consumers ordering from retailers outside of the UK, the main reason was, according to 60% of consumers, due to the fact that the price was good – much better in fact – that the prices with UK retailers. Yes, even including the shipping costs!

Ever since the EU referendum, some prices have increased for some products in the food and alcohol categories in the UK. Even some consumer electronics i.e. speakers, are showing price increases since the vote.

According to an article by Trusted Reviews in April 2017, the Sonos Connect rose from a suggested price of £279 in January 2017 to £349 in April 2017 – a 25.09% (£70) increase on the previous price. They also reported other price increases seen across products such as the iPad Pro, iPad Air, HTC Vive, One Plus 3 Smartphone and more.

Hot Deals

A hot deal posted by a consumer using HotUKDeals was for the Samsung Galaxy S8 that was available from for €449, which the consumer highlighted would be £449. This deal was voted hot by consumers (1418º) with those who purchased the smartphone advising that they were able to get free delivery and that the product was covered by Amazon’s EU warranty. Looking at data available on CamelCamelCamel, the cheapest the phone has been on is £649 in January 2018.

People are finding it easier and easier to shop online with international sites. Especially popular are sites like Amazon, where your existing UK login details can be used in its foreign domains. This allows one to take advantage of the global return policy on such platforms. Also building confidence in mobile, cross-border commerce are social commerce platforms like HotUKDeals where consumers share tips and answer questions any concerned shoppers may have.