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The United Kingdom is still a part of the European Union, but it is unclear when and how they plan to leave. More importantly, with a new extension to their leave date, the UK Parliament have all summer to talk about it. Theresa May is doing her best to push Brexit through – one way or another, hard or soft. How will the United Kingdom's controversial exit from the European Union (if it comes to pass), affect the European Union Parliamentary Elections that are taking place 23 May - 26 May, 2019? more

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How does Facebook get special treatment so that they can collect data and breach user privacy? They lobby with politicians all over the world to stop legal systems from protecting people's data policy. Typically, when a company gets big enough, they are able to hold politicians in a seemingly vice-like grip. Let's face it – everybody has a price. more

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Despite problems with Brexit, consumers in the UK shop online like populations anywhere else. But what do they buy? The British, it seems, spend a lot of British Pounds on automotive items and booking holidays to their favourite destinations for those spending their dosh online. The British regret to inform us that fashion and fast food take first place in online sales in 2018. more

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Getting the job done no matter where we happen to be – that's what all of our technology and web-based software can help with (most of the time). That is if we could keep ourselves from being distracted when working at home, in the hotel, on the plane or in a train coach. In Germany, according to a new study by Initiative D21, only 1 in 6 office professionals can grab the home-office-bull by the horns. more

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The British are set to spend a record £25 billion using their smartphones in 2019. For the first time ever, consumers there will be as likely to use their smartphones to make a purchase as they would using a laptop or desktop computer. Upwards of 30 million Brits will be using their smartphone to shop in 2019. This is a 66% rise in mobile commerce since 2018. more

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If Alibaba or anyone else decides to buy Zalando, they would be instantly catapulted to the top of the online fashion industry in Europe, since Zalando's share price since July's peak could put the online fashion retailer on the chopping block – with Alibaba, Amazon and Hennes & Mauritz looking on. Two reductions to its sales forecast within 6 weeks has sent Zalando stock into a tailspin, but the online fashion retailer has the data of more than 25 million customers and more than 2.5 billion customer website visits per year. more