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The computer is all the way across the room, and whilst relaxing on the sofa, you want to browse for some new drapes, foreign sweets and a new frisbee. Luckily, your mobile is right next to the remote control to the television, which happens to be just a few inches from your hands. With just a few clicks, you can unlock the power of your smart phone in the retail world. more

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Alibaba has invested a lot of money in the Shanghai-based company, Focus Media, a company that operates outdoor digital advertising screens across China, Singapore and Hong Kong. The deal is quite complicated and cost a whopping $2.23 billion, which bought the Chinese e-commerce giant a sizeable share of Focus Media. more


DPD is now delivering parcels using 8 electric three-wheelers called TRIPLs. The emission-free parcel delivery vehicles will begin operation in congested cities like Berlin, Hamburg and Cologne. They can efficiently serve city-centres due to their small size, working in concert with urban micro-depots to cover that last mile. more

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Buskers in London are to start taking contactless card payments. The street musicians will be given card readers so passers-by can tap to donate. For musicians, this is a world first. London has always had a reputation for having very good (and very many) buskers on its streets. Maybe paying electronically will help the musicians to have a steadier cash flow. more

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Why stand up and walk over to the computer, or even stand up to get the laptop for that matter. Our smartphones allow us to shop too! We can even shop cross-border without leaving our sofa or spot on the beach. More and more European consumers are taking advantages of mobile, cross-border commerce – and the deals that go along with it. more

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Facebook is letting users test a new function, letting them downvote inapporpriate comments to hide them. The social media giant is testing the downvote button on a limited set of public page post comment reels. However, should Facebook make the downvote button a wider reality, will it be problematic regarding censorship and the company’s new role as a news editor and media player? more