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The Brexit deadline of 31 October is making it hard for retailers and suppliers to stockpile goods. Limited by space and cash, companies are going to find it hard to meet demand if a no-deal Brexit comes to pass at the end of the month, say logistics and finance industry businesses. A no-deal scenario to Brexit would mean big changes to customs tariffs, with 88% of goods by value coming into the UK being tariff-free, 22% having new tariffs payable when coming from the EU. more

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In the midst of finding a resolution to its high-stakes trade war with China, the Trump administration announced Wednesday that it will impose tariffs on $7.5 billion in European imports beginning 18 October. These tariffs involve European Union subsidies to the plane manufacturer Airbus. This newest escalation in tariffs a la the Trump administration is a new chapter in the trade wars that are raising fears of a global recession and tanking the world economy. more

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If UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is defeated in a vote of no confidence to prevent a no-deal Brexit, Jo Swinson refuses to back the Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn. Even though there is a cross-party plan to install Corbyn in the event of Johnson being ousted, the Liberal Democrats don't want to give Corbyn the seat. The chasm between the Lib Dems and Labour is a serious issue if the leaders in Westminster want to block a no-deal Brexit from happening. more

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Queen Elizabeth II has sought out advice from aides on what it might entail to sack Prime Minister Johnson. This is the first time she has done this in her 67-year reign. Ahead of last Tuesday's Supreme Court ruling that Boris Johnson's proroguing of Parliament was unlawful, Buckingham Palace rebutted saying it does not comment on rumours. It is believed the Queen may have just been trying to gain insight into her exact legal position, should she be approached by any members of parliament (MP) if PM Johnson fails to step down after losing a vote of no confidence. more

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Having traveled using Thomas Cook, Britain's oldest travel agency, many passengers are stranded after the company's collapse on Monday. The UK government says it has put plans together to rescue stranded holidaymakers, whilst Germany will allow insurance companies to foot the bill. Hundreds of thousands were stranded around the world. Unable to reach any financial agreements between stakeholders and lenders, they have ceased trading. more

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The British Surpreme Court has ruled today that Boris Johnson's suspension of parliament is, indeed, unlawful. The Prime Minister's advice to the Queen that parliament should be prorogued for five weeks was not allowed, the judgement coming from 11 justices on the UK's highest court follows an emergency hearing last week which uncovered fundamental legal differences over the interpretation of the country's unwritten constitution. more