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MediaMarktSaturn is to open a test store in Austria negating the need for long waits in the queue. Similar to Amazon Go, but using different technology, the pilot programme was unveiled during the Webwinkel Vakdagen in the Netherlands. The pilot store is to open its doors in Innsbruck, Austria sometime in March of this year. more

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Toy retailers are struggling. This has been made especially clear with the bankruptcy of toy retailing giant Toys’R’Us. In Denmark, online toy retailer Coolshop joined forces with physical toy stores in order to open up omnichannel selling to them. With success: A year after Coolshop began the cooperations, the physical stores experienced almost explosive growth. more

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Small Online-Shops in Great Britain are buckling under the demand for free returns. Especially after Christmas, many customers return their unwanted gifts and expect the companies to pay. More than 200 British Online-Shops are under serious threat to close down, a new study by ParcelHero reveals. more

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Alibaba, the Chinese multinational E-Commerce giant, wants to increase its work in France and is planning to build a new logistics center. The retailer is preparing this step at the moment by looking for a suitable location and the right partners. more

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A lot of changes are happening in Europe. Great Britain is trying to figure itself out amidst its Brexit woes, there are political upheavals in Spain, relations with the US could be better; but these are not the main concerns for online retail in 2018. There are many other problems e-tailers face in our ever changing world. more

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Britain is preparing to leave the EU and needs several new bills to pass through parliament in order for key aspects of Brexit to work. Right now, there is a new bill regarding taxation in discussion: British companies could be liable to pay VAT on imports from the EU-27 for the first time. Up until now they could opt to import goods free of VAT and pay the tax when selling the goods. New regulation might increase expenses and affect their cash flow negatively. more