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Cross-border e-commerce, i.e. cross-border online commerce in China, grew by 86% in 2016 compared with the previous year. Last year, foreign purchases alone generated a total turnover of $31.99 billion. Chinese e-commerce has enormous potential, but market entry needs to be well prepared. If you get the right start, there are enormous sales opportunities. more

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Amazon has announced a new feature just in time for the holiday season. Augmented reality allows shoppers to see how thousands of products will look in their home before buying them. The feature uses Apple Inc.’s ARkit technology, giving products from categories such as living room, bedroom, kitchen, home office, electronics, toys and games and home décor the chance to show off in your home. more

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Amazon has been interested in entering the prescription drug retail market for a long time - an industry with many middlemen, long supply chains and opaque pricing. Inc. seems to be almost certain about entering the business of selling prescription drugs by 2019, said two analysts at Leerink Partners, posing a direct threat to the U.S.’s biggest brick-and-mortar drugstore chains. more

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The Portuguese market is on its way up in the world of e-commerce. With growth over 12%, Portugal may be worth €4.73 by the end of this year. That’s a 1.48% increase in growth from last year. 3.4 million Portuguese shoppers spend online. Many of the southwestern country’s population even shop cross-border. more

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Pricing in e-commerce is a tricky thing. In order to engage your customer-base, the right price is very important. But how do you determine the right price – and that constantly? Because in online retail, it is not enough to put a price on a product and never change it again. This guest article by Prisync sheds some light on this important matter for online retailers. more

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The Brexit Vote has a lot of effects for the United Kingdom. With the negotiations about Brexit going on and the Days of the United Kingdom in the EU are numbered, a lot of migrants are considering if they should go to the UK or not. These uncertainties produce problems for online retailers, as they are short of staff for their warehouses. more