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It isn't any secret that many of the customer reviews found on platforms like Amazon aren't real. They only exist to steer us toward buying certain projects, or by pushing us away from others. Currently, 5 out of 10 Amazon reviews are based on entries that are fake. A reputation agency reviewer claims this in a report written by German magazine Computer Bild. more

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It's the day after Thanksgiving in the United States – which means it's Black Friday. At Amazon, orders have been increasing over the past weeks in the build up to the busiest shopping day of the year. People are in a rush to buy everything they need for Christmas, and Black Friday has a reputation for being the beginning of the Christmas peak season. Sounds like fun? It isn't really a great time if you work in an Amazon warehouse, where long hours of hard work await you, as well as some hard decisions. more

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Amazon has been the number one spot for online shopping in the USA for a long time. Since markets change over time, is Amazon starting to show signs of losing customers to other online/stationary retailers? According to a new survey, the majority of consumers prefer shopping at Walmart – online or offline – rather than taking a trip down the Amazon. more

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Zalando, based in Berlin, Germany, is one of the biggest online fashion retailers in Europe. Now, they are bigger than ever hitting over a billion visits in a quarter for the very first time. The online fashion giant says it hit this all new high in the third quarter of the current year. They feel this is because customers gravitate towards the online retailer when they think about fashion. more

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Payments Europe is a new association, formed by European and global card-based payment solution providers. The new organization wants to present the industry’s common views and advocate for a fair regulatory environment in Europe. This is the very first time that an association was formed in Europe expressly for the payment industry. more

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70% of European e-shoppers no longer want to shop in British online shops in the event of a hard Brexit. 69% of British e-shoppers also no longer want to shop in European online shops if Brexit brings about additional fees. DPDgroup is prepared for a hard Brexit, but expects longer delivery times and significantly higher costs for shipping between Great Britain and EU countries. more