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E-Commerce opened many possibilities to shop internationally. Customers as well as retailers benefit from cross border business, but there are also a lot of snares to consider. The three companies Lengow, Textmaster and E-services Group offer, with the white paper "Expand your E-commerce Business Internationally", the ultimate guide on how to handle Cross Border E-Commerce.  Europe’s largest e-commerce association, Händlerbund, also took part in the white paper and offers some unique insights on how to handle all the legal Considerations for International Business. more

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How can retailers decrease shrinkage and boost sales? According to a new study analysing the tags used by 10 retailers, radio-frequency identification tags (RFID) were found to increase sales up to 5.5%. Many leading retailers and brands were part of what is thought to be the most comprehensive study test of the technology. more

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The Chinese e-commerce market is gigantic, but it hasn't even reached it full potential yet. Between the over 765 million highly connected Chinese people and glowing future prospects for the Chinese markets, European brands and retailers are aligning themselves with the Chinese digital leaders to try and build the future of e-commerce there. These alignments are as of yet mainly visible in China, but they could soon come to Europe. more

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UPS has released a study called The 2017 UPS Europe Pulse of the Online Shopper. It analyses consumer shopping behaviours from pre-purchase to post-delivery. Exploring the motivation behind today’s shoppers, it offers retailers advice on how to overcome challenges and capitalise on great opportunities. The study focuses on global retail, mobile shopping, marketplace influence, physical stores as well as many other points important to all of us involved in this business of e-commerce. more

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MediaMarktSaturn is to open a test store in Austria negating the need for long waits in the queue. Similar to Amazon Go, but using different technology, the pilot programme was unveiled during the Webwinkel Vakdagen in the Netherlands. The pilot store is to open its doors in Innsbruck, Austria sometime in March of this year. more

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Toy retailers are struggling. This has been made especially clear with the bankruptcy of toy retailing giant Toys’R’Us. In Denmark, online toy retailer Coolshop joined forces with physical toy stores in order to open up omnichannel selling to them. With success: A year after Coolshop began the cooperations, the physical stores experienced almost explosive growth. more