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Zalando is showing strong growth in the second quarter, chalking up its fastest growth since 2013. They may have had problems in the past, but this positive news for the Berlin-based online fashion retailer shows that they can bounce back without much trouble. more

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Netherland's food delivery group, Takeaway confirms that they want to acquire its British competitor Just Eat. If they successfully strike a deal, combining their forces will see them become one of the largest food delivery companies in the entire world. This planned acquisition isn't the first time that Takeaway was present in the UK market, entering it in 2012. They sold that presence to Just Eat 4 years later. more

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Tesco wants to develop Artificial Intelligence (AI) to allow customers to walk in, fill their bags and leave. Without having to engage with checkout staff or a self-checkout system, they clearly want to take on Amazon Go. This turn of events could become big competition for Amazon in the world of payment. The British supermarket leader is developing technology to make its checkouts a thing of the past. A camera network and sensors on shelves, all armed with AI, will keep track of what customers put in their baskets, automatically charging them for their shopping as they go on their way. more

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Amazon sales-by-numbers: Now we know just how much revenue Amazon generates in Germany after the company shared more information than they intended. By advertising their market entry in the United States to German retailers, Amazon inadvertently disclosed that the US marketplace has 7 times as many sales as the German marketplace with only half as many retailers. Since Amazon's worldwide trade volume hasn't been kept secret, a conclusion can be drawn as to what the concrete turnover of the German marketplace really is. more

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The sailing brand Henri Lloyd is relaunching its online store. The sailing clothing specialty brand has undergone a digital transformation since having been acquired by Aligro Group last year. Henri Lloyd were one of the retail victimes on the high street, not successfully making the jump to digital commerce alone. more

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Walmart has a new service. InHome Delivery allows customers to order fresh groceries directly into their refrigerators or garages. Customers need only to place an order online, select InHome Delivery and pick a time. Then the homeowner is given an alert when the delivery person is near their home, enabling them to watch the entire delivery live or view it later. more