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Galaxus has opened for business in Germany and has ambitious plans to tackle Europe’s largest market. The Swiss electronics retailer is planning to grow into a webshop that sells, well, everything. The medium-term goal is to become one of the top 5 e-commerce players in Germany. That’s no small order. more

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Let’s face it: Amazon is a juggernaut in e-commerce. Their market value reflects this, recently having broken the $1 trillion mark. Mr. Bezos and his company are absolutely smashing at disrupting commerce. What once started as a humble bookselling company has grown to sell almost everything (yes, even groceries!). The thing is, even a company of Amazon’s gargantuan size has weaknesses. It’s just a matter of finding ways of exploiting these weaknesses. more

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IFA had big news this year with the European Retail Alliance, or ERA. The alliance was put together by MediaMarktSaturn of Germany and the French e-commerce group Fnac Darty, who announced their partnership last May. At that time, it was made known that the alliance would immediately be open to other retailers. The European Retail Alliance is said to be the European answer to e-commerce giants such as Amazon and Alibaba. more

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Have you ever wanted to buy something and didn’t know where to find it? E-commerce opens up a lot of opportunities, but on the domestic e-commerce market, it can be hard to find what we’re looking for. The same is true if we look at digital retail from the perspective of the seller. It can be hard to find those sales we’re looking for. That’s why cross-border e-commerce is an important and lucrative area for everyone involved in online trade to pay attention to. Cross-Border Commerce Europe is a new initiative from Carine Moitier, who co-founded Belgian e-commerce association BeCommerce in 2005. more

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Dutch online department store is expanding its Select premium subscription model. Select subscribers can now order all of the over 16 million products from the website with free delivery. Up until this point, free delivery was only available for 300,000 products. The company has continuously expanded its premium membership and is imitating Amazon’s prime program to a greater extent with the latest perk. more

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Swedish hypermarket Eko has opened its first online platform to sell products. But the company is not offering what people might expect: The online store is called E by Night and sells sex toys and related products. For Eko, the decision to venture into this market came naturally, when they recognized the increased interest in these products in Sweden. Eko wants to change how people think about and percieve adult toys. more