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Facebook's Libra is controversial. With many involved in Libra's future, PayPal becomes the first to jump ship. The payment provider is the first to back out of Facebook's cryptocurrency project, which continues to be inspected by regulators around the world. Technically an association, Libra is now backed by 27 companies. These companies are made up of multinational companies and nonprofit organizations. more

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The German supermarket chain Rewe is launching same-day delivery in 8 cities in the European country. Placing orders on via the website or the app before 1pm will then be able to receive the orders from 5pm and later. This same-day delivery is available for 12,000 products on, and includes fresh vegetables, dairy and meat products, frozen foods and drinks. more

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Next Day Delivery sure is nice for the consumer, but what does it really cost? The speed at which Next Day Delivery moves causes deaths and serious injuries, a litany of labour violations, drivers taking bathroom breaks in their vans and being exploited to rush through cities, delivering their van-loads at top speed. Amazon refuses to take responsibility for these serious problems, because most of the deliveries are made by third-party logistics companies. more

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Ebay is looking into the eyes of a backlash over an advert and how it portrays retailers – especially the stationary sellers who struggle in the fight against the online retail giants. Ebay's "When You're Over Overpaying" advert features shoppers comparing the price tags of items in stores to prices on Ebay. The actor is clearly not happy about the prices in the shops, because they are so much higher than those on Ebay. At the expense of small-business owners and retail workers, the actor breaks into laughing fits about the prices. more

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Britain's Brexit is set to really do a number on the British economic situation. Companies won't have it free and easy doing business with Europe, and the British Pound is also losing its worth. With people stockpiling goods to prepare for whatever Brexit may come, the uncertainty of it all is damaging the currency as well as the expectations of an entire country (and continent). A group of British parliamentarians want to oppose Prime Minister Boris Johnson's hard Brexit exchange rate. more

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Everyone is trying to fight pollution, but Amazon has branded envelopes that aren't helping anything. Amazon is being lambasted by environmental groups and customers after introducing a range of plastic packaging that cannot be recycled in the UK.  The world's largest online retailer has started packing small items into plastic envelopes, the idea being that it allows more parcels to fit into each delivery lorry. more