The bells weren't the only thing ringing for Amazon this Christmas; so were the purchases at checkout. Those at Amazon have shed a little Christmas light onto just how much business they did during the Christmas 2019 season.

Amazon Christmas
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Amazon knows all about records: year after year, the online giant celebrates new record numbers – especially during the Christmas season. And the year 2019 is no exception. As the company has now announced in an official report, during the Christmas season "billions of items were ordered worldwide and tens of millions of Amazon devices were purchased".

Customers Love Alexa

And as in previous years, customers showed particularly great interest in the company's own Amazon products. The best-selling products and brands included the Echo Dot mini-speaker and the Echo Show 5 monitor, but also the streaming Knirps Fire TV Stick with Alexa voice remote control. The company leaves open exactly how many Amazon and Alexa devices were sold. The only thing the report says is that customers worldwide were shopping "tens of millions of Amazon devices" – millions more than the year before.

The use of the Alexa language assistant also reached record levels during the Christmas period. Customers would have used Alexa's help, for example, to find recipes, pick out TV shows, find out (in combination with smart doorbells) who is at the front door or turn on the lights. Video calls and messages were also transmitted tens of millions of times with Alexa's help.

In addition to the company's own appliances, toys, fashion, home and beauty were the most popular departments among US customers, according to Amazon, with more than half a billion items ordered.

Prime Records

But it was not only the Amazon devices that were popular with customers. The Group also scored again with its Premium Membership, which is subject to payment: according to this, more people tested Amazon Prime in this year's Christmas business than in any other year before. In one week alone, more than five million new Prime testers or Prime members were registered worldwide.

If It Weren't For The Last Minute

The fact that Amazon wants to become more and more independent from large logistics companies such as DHL, FedEx or UPS is also reflected in the figures that Amazon has now presented: in 2019, the company itself will have delivered more than 3.5 billion parcels to customers worldwide over the last mile using its delivery network.

The fact that Amazon is not afraid to deliver Christmas presents just before dawn is shown by the company elsewhere: "The last shipment with Amazon's ultra-fast delivery arrived in Seattle, WA at 23:59 on Christmas Eve," Amazon writes in the announcement.

A comparison with the previous year also shows that during the Christmas season, the number of products delivered with the free Prime delivery on the same or next day almost quadrupled. Amazon was also able to grow outside of the door-to-door delivery world: according to its own information, 60% more customers had their shipments delivered to a pick-up point at Amazon at Christmas.

Seasonal Workers

In order to cope with the mountains of Christmas parcels, Amazon again needed a lot of manpower in 2019: during the Christmas season, more than 250,000 seasonal full and part-time jobs were created within the global fulfillment network. The company can now look back on 750,000 employees worldwide.