This third quarter has seen over a billion visits to Zalando's webshop. This is the first time it has ever happened for the Berlin-based company. reported that the milestone was reached as traffic to the pan-European fashion website and marketplace grew by 37% during a quarter in which shoppers spent €1.5 billion on Zalando items. This is a rise in sales of 26.7% over last year.

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Mobile, Mobile

Most of these sales came through the mobile sales channel, which accounted for a whopping 84.8% of site visits, up by 4.8% when compared to the 80% chalked up last year. Around 29.5 million active customers (up 17.5%) placed 34.7 million orders (up 25.4%).

What Zalando Wants

The starting point of fashion in Europe – that is Zalando's larger goal. The company is selling in 17 countries including the UK, and sales growth was especially fast in the Nordics, Spain and Czech Republic, where business has grown quickly since it launched in that market a year previous. In the coming quarter, Zalando plans to expand the Zalando Lounge Member Club to Czech Republic. 

The Bottom Line

That all being said, the bottom line is at -€13.6 million, which any business expert will tell you, could be better. However, that is a lot better than last year, when Zalando came in at -€41.7 million.  

Zalando's chief financial officer, David Schröder said, “2019 has been a very successful year for us so far. We had a strong third quarter with more active customers who more and more frequently look for inspiration on Zalando. We are growing at a high pace across all regions. We want to maintain the momentum for a strong finish to the year and look forward to celebrating together with our customers the upcoming Cyber Week and the festive season.”

Environmentally Conscious Fashion

Zalando has also made a pledge. A pledge, they say, to become carbon neutral in its own operations, deliveries and returns. At the same time, they plan to offer customers more sustainable styles and products.