A disorderly withdrawal of Britain from the European Union – a no deal Brexit – would have a massive impact on online trade between the UK and the remaining EU countries. This is confirmed by new figures collected by the market research institute GfK in a survey of 24,258 European online shoppers for the international DPDgroup.

Brexit logistics
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For example, 70% of European e-shoppers (and 71% of German e-shoppers) no longer want to shop in British online shops if additional costs are incurred as a result of a hard Brexit. In this case, 69% of British e-shoppers also no longer want to shop online in other EU countries. In the event of a no deal Brexit, the DPDgroup expects costs to rise significantly due to the customs, tax and administrative charges that will then be necessary. In addition, the number two in the European parcel market expects longer delivery times if there is a disorderly exit from the EU.

DPD group is ready for various Brexit scenarios


Since the British referendum on Britain's withdrawal from the European Union, the DPDgroup has intensively prepared for various Brexit scenarios and developed solutions to provide customers in both the EU and the UK with a reliable parcel service. DPDgroup is also prepared for the customs clearance of large parcels. As an "Authorized Economic Operator" (AEO), the DPDgroup already handles the dispatch of a large number of parcels across the EU's external borders. This also includes comprehensive customer support in customs clearance.

With a view to a potential departure of Great Britain from the EU as early as 31 October, the DPDgroup is relying on a step-by-step procedure which could take effect from 24 October. This includes changes to existing long-distance transport plans and the start of customs clearance processes in several international gateways responsible for parcel flows to and from the UK.