Some feel the Ebay advert is very degrading to local businesses. Stationary retail has higher overhead than online trade. Everybody knows that. Therefore, stationary retailers don't take kindly to potential customers comparing prices in-store, and then purchasing the goods from an online retailer.

© Tyler Olson / reports that the Ebay advert celebrates the practice of "showrooming", which is the act of trying out a product in a stationary shop, but then purchasing it online. Because online retailers generally have lower prices than stationary shops, this is a sensitive issue. Amazon, in particular, is problematic for local retailers, because how can they ever compete against such a huge company's pricing?

Hooks In Local Business

InsideHook wrote a particularly scathing review of the advert. They wrote, "In trying to compete with Amazon, Ebay has exposed the mission of both companies as being explicitly against the local businesses in your community." This advert promotes the idea that local businesses are a joke for even thinking about offering goods at such high prices. People come in, find what they need, and then order it from Amazon or Ebay. Whenever that wonderful old bookstore closes in your town, this is most definitely a contributor. 

The Point

More than just price needs to be taken into account when making a purchase. The prices might be better online, but what about a stationary retailer really giving consultation on goods, a role of the retailer that just can't be duplicated over the Internet? Furthermore, one of the tactics used by Amazon and co. is to show consumers just what they want to see, and to hide everything that would halt a purchase.

Ebay is trying to beat Amazon at their own game, and has been for years. In trying to compete against Amazon, Ebay are revealing the modus operandi of both companies, one that is as against-local as we always thought.