Working together with business partners is a B2B strategy that often brings results. Now, AliExpress lets customers buy now and pay later. This is accomplished by working together with payment companies Klarna, Adyen and their own Alipay to enter the first phase of a partnership whose ambition is to expand to additional markets throughout the course of the year.

Buy now pay later
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Shoppers on AliExpress can now choose the "pay later" option at the checkout, allowing them to pay for goods after delivery. This payment alternative allows them to try the items at home and keep what they are satisfied with. The option makes the customer experience a bit more streamlined, offering more control, clarity and flexibility. That is why Klarna's "pay later" option has grown so very popular, becoming a much loved preference for consumers in Europe. 

To offer this service to consumers, Swedish payment service provider Klarna, Dutch payments company Adyen and Alibaba's payments company Alipay have teamed up to make "pay later" a reality for European customers.


In a report by, the three payment companies are only in the first phase of the partnership, with more markets being added to the list later in 2019. 

CCO at Klarna, Michael Rouse, says he is happy about the partnership and making it possible for customers to have another payment option. He also looks forward to expanding the service very soon.

Improving The Customer Experience

AliExpress's Cheer Zhang said that, at the B2C marketplace, they are always looking for new ways to improve the customer experience. “Klarna’s Pay later has established itself as one of the most preferred payment alternatives across certain European markets, with high demand from consumers and we are excited to add this popular option to our checkout on multiple markets.”