Micolet, with their expansion into the Netherlands and Poland, will be active in eight countries in Europe. These countries include Germany, France, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Italy and Spain. Employing almost 50 people, and growing by 150% per year, the second-hand marketplace for ladies' apparel is doing well.

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It seems Micolet is successful wherever fashion is, well, fashionable. Their co-founder, Aritza Loroño, claims they achieve their enormous growth where people have interest in clothing: 

“For example, in France we have a growth rate of 50 percent per month. We take our responsibility to take care of the environment, we let them make some money and we offer all kinds of fashion.”

Up For Sale

Micolet, as reported by, currently offers over 200,000 items, with the marketplace publishing more than 1,000 items for sale every day. Micolet expanded last year to France, Italy, the United Kingdom and Germany.

In Germany, Micolet also allows users to sell their things, which isn't possible in all their markets. Micolet picks up the items from the customer's home, inspects the items and then takes several pictures, uploading everything to the marketplace. When another customer orders the item, they transfer the money to the seller, for a commission.

A Warehouse

Micolet also claims that, because of a growth rate of 50,000 new users every month, reaching 1 million users worldwide, they needed to open a new warehouse. The new facility of 10,000 square metres will further improve their service and expand their business. 

Micolet's Foundation

Aritza Loroño decided to start Micolet in 2015 in Spain, when his girlfriend had a house full of clothing and accessories which she no longer used. With no proper way to sell the items, Loroño wanted to find a proper way to sell the items without worrying about all the paperwork.

With a warehouse full of second-hand items for sale, Micolet will grow even further, with many new customers, and new users, hungry for fashion.