Founded in the Netherlands in March of 2017, Beerwulf currently does business in the Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Germany and France. They plan to start selling beer in Austria, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland. Beerwulf will, all together, then be present in 10 countries across Europe.

Beer in a phone
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Heineken owns Beerwulf. That means Beerwulf has quite the resources to become the largest online retailer of beer in Europe – which is their goal. In a report by, Beerwulf also recently opened a pop-up store in London. From 10 to 13 April, the online beer company had a pop-up store at the Old Street Underground. They want to create brand awareness, and are considering similar pop-ups in the countries they are expanding into. 

Heineken? Who's Heineken?

One way Beerwulf could raise their brand awareness is to explain to the public that Heineken is pulling the strings, but that isn't what Beerwulf wants to do. On paper, Beerwulf is a stand-alone company, with the gargantuan Heineken brewing company acting only as investor. CMO Marc Scholten had this to say last year, „The contact we have with Heineken is the kidn you might expect from a relationship between startup and investor. They are one of the biggest brewers in the world with lots of craft beers. Of course we're selling Heineken's brands, but that has totally been our own choice.“

Craft Beer

Beerwulf sells craft beers online. At the time of writing, they don't offer any big-box names like Pabst Blue Ribbon or Yuengling. They offer top-shelf beers for the discerning beer drinker who wants to enjoy every last golden drop – and be seen doing it. For fans of high-quality beer-drinking material, Beerwulf just might be the place. Last month, they won a very prestigious award in the Netherlands at the Shopping Awards show. They won the prize for best starter.