Usually, the top players in an industry offer great service, but online retailers in the UK don't seem to follow this general rule. 27 of the top 100 online retailers don't offer any kind of communication at all during the delivery of orders.

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Most online shop operators know that it is a good idea to communicate with the end consumer – especially during the delivery phase of an order. So many things can go wrong, and, although the logistics provider should communicate with the end consumer too, a web shop can keep their customers informed as well. Doing so will keep the customers coming back. A new study by ParcelLab, looking at shipping and the delivery process of the top 100 online retailers in the United Kingdom gives insight into just how many online retailers ignore their customers once they have clicked on that "ORDER" button.

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Delivery Times?

Thanks to, we learn that 94% of the top 100 online retailers don't give customers any opportunity to choose delivery partners. Delivery times are also not shared very often with the end customers. 72% do offer express delivery, but only 7% offer same-day delivery – and that isn't even nationwide. If you want a weekend delivery, only 42% offer it, whilst 25% let the customers pick a time-slot for their delivery.

Free Shipping?

A really shocking statistic is that 12% offer free shipping, with 65 retailers offering free shipping (like Amazon) when a minimum order value (between £10 and £150) is reached. The average shipping cost in the UK is £3.99. After the customer clicks on the "ORDER" button, the retailers get really quiet. Most of the time, the customers have to check the order status themselves if they want any information, with only 11% of retailers communicating during the shipping period. The other 89% just leave everything up to chance – or up to the delivery carrier.

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