Lesara has learned things the hard way. If financing for a huge expenditure doesn't come at the right time, then financing to bridge the gap has to be organised. If it comes too late, or not at all, there isn't enough room for error. Without powerful investors or a massive draw on banks, it got a bit late in the day for Lesara.

A house of cards
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Lesara was founded by Roman Kirsch in 2013. Based in Berlin, Lesara was one of the first companies to use the agile retail concept within the fashion industry. Agile retail is a direct-to-consumer retail model, which uses big data to predict trends, manage efficient production cycles and optimise turnaround on emerging styles.

Lesara has closed its doors, as reported by, this comes after the company's insolvency filing last November. Lesara is, however, trying to fulfill as many orders as possible to those who have already placed orders. There is a message on their website which states, in part: “Dear Lesara customers, we regret to inform you that the Lesara online store has closed. Rest assured, we will do our best to fulfill orders that have been placed”. 

Customer Service Until The End Of March

Lesara has communicated that orders placed before 28 February will have a return policy of 30 days. Orders placed on this day or after will have the normal 14 day return policy, with the company's service operating until the last day of March. This includes returns.

At The Speed Of E-commerce

Roman Kirsch's company grew lightning-fast. It was able to raise tens-of-millions of Euros over the years, but they still ran out of money. With a €40 million logistics center that opened in 2018, financial shots in the arm came a bit too late. After filing for insolvency last November, a last investor pulled out of negotiations (to Lesara's surprise) at the end of January 2019. This is a textbook example of what can happen when decisions to grow the company come to early, or too late, which seems to have been the case with Lesara. To read further on the story in German, click here