Swedish hypermarket Eko ist looking to expand its business – both online and in the physical world. While the company is opening new physical stores, it also is testing the waters with a new online shop – selling sex toys and related products.

Sex toys
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Eko is branching out and has started selling sex toys and related products on the web. As reports, the Bergendahl-owned chain of hypermarkets entered the new market online by launching its first e-commerce platform. The platform is called E by Night and focuses on sex toys for men and women alike. E by Night does not use eye-catching images on their homepage to get the attention of the potential costumers, but rather relies on a product presentation that is done in a “tasteful way”, as puts it.

“We realized there is a demand and an opportunity in the market”, says CEO Tedd Berggren. “We are not afraid to do something different and now we launch E by Night, a webshop where everyone can feel comfortable shopping.”

Sex Toys Are Shedding Their Shady Image

E by Night is not the first or only online retailer offering sex toys and a comfortable shopping experience. Germany’s Amorelie is one of the young companies that helped to remove the shady image of sex toys and related products in their country. Now, products like dildos, vibrators or even more extreme products are presented professionally and in a tasteful way online. Amorelie’s founder Lea-Sophie Cramer has even been on public-service TV, discussing sex toys and how they have become socially acceptable.

These developments also seem to have taken place in Sweden: According to local news site 24Kristianstad, there is an increased interest in sex products in the country. This is supposed to be the main reason why Eko started their new online store. Other players, for example Apoteket, have also begun to sell sex toys online. In the case of Eko, employee Isabella Berggren brought the idea of selling sex toys up. She had been to a home party where adult toys were presented. “I hadn’t come into contact with that type of product before and had a completely wrong picture about what it was”, says Berggren. “I think that many people have, and that’s what we want to change with this online store.”