In October, 2017, JD launched Toplife, an online platform that wants to lure luxury consumers with same-day delivery and premium services. Toplife shares similarities to Tmall’s Luxury Pavilion platform, which was launched two months earlier by Alibaba.

JD Sign on a building
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Better For European Brands?

As reported by, is really trying to convince European luxury brands that they are a better partner than Alibaba. says it has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to counterfeit goods as well as running its own logistics. They claim they can promise next-day delivery on more than 90% of orders.

20 brands are already signed up to the Toplife platform – brands like Saint Laurent and Alexander McQueen. These brands like that has tall, attractive delivery personnel wearing white gloves.

JD In Europe

JD is focusing on southeast Asia at the moment, but that doesn’t mean it won’t make inroads into Europe. “There are a lot of offline players and even online players reaching out to us because of our scale and because of our willingness to partner. Europe seems to be a battleground between maybe the Chinese and Amazon.” He thinks the latter has an advantage, because of English being a global language. “When we try to expand, particularly in Europe, we need to make sure we’re ready from these two aspects, language and culture.” These two aspects in particular could very well be the two hardest hurdles for JD and their plans for Europe.

JD opened its first office in Europe (Paris, France) this past January. Another one is planned to open in Milan, Italy. They are also teaming up with several Spanish brands.