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Buying online is all about the consumer journey. There is a new best practice guide for the European business community in the form of a document to help inform customers better when they shop online. The aim is to assist companies to find good ways to present their information to consumers including standard terms and conditions. more

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Most e-commerce startups only last for the first 120 days – 90% of them to be exact. In a new study which surveyed 1,253 owners of failed startups in the UK, also reveals the top ten among the reasons why e-commerce startups aren't even getting past the 4-month mark. Quite a few sources actually backed up the statistics. The two main reasons for these failures are an overall lack of search engine visibility along with marketing performance. more

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The retailers at the top in the United Kingdom and Germany are not really taking care of their customers as well as they could be. Not meeting the expectations of online shoppers potentially damages loyalty and revenues, so why are so many of the top retailers having problems satisfying customers? Customer centricity is the key. more

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The European Union is trying to weather the storm that is Brexit as well as dealing with growing euroscepticism. E-commerce is definitely affected by what goes on in the region, not to mention the world. Ecommerce Europe, the Pan-European e-commerce association, is calling on policy makers in this year's European Parliamentary Elections to create a level-playing field in the digital single market, thus bringing about a better environment for e-commerce. Here are 10 recommendations from Ecommerce Europe's whitepaper on the subject. more

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In the Czech Republic, e-commerce revenues are double what they were in 2014. That's only 5 years ago. In 2018, Czech e-commerce was worth Kč135 billion (€5.25 billion), and 90 percent of Czech consumers shopped online at least once. If one takes a look at the population of Czech Republic, which was at 10.58 million as of 2017, that is quite a lot of money indeed that they're spending on the Internet. more

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Shouldn't the job of an online shop be finished as soon as a customer clicks the checkout button? One would think so, but a new study shows the potential and strengths during the checkout process, shipping and returns, and how these things are done in Germany's 100 largest online shops. more