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There hasn't been a lot of European-based news out of the United Kingdom over the past year or two due to Brexit. However, that doesn't mean there is strict radio silence for everyone in the UK. Here is an HM Revenue & Customs Survey For Businesses Trading In Online Retail. more

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The subscription-based economic trend has been changing the way some industries do business, with video, music, sport and food subscription services leading the way. In Europe, consumers spend round about 5% of their spendable income on subscriptions – that’s an average of €130 per month or €350 billion per year on these types of purchases. more

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Increasingly more consumers are using their smartphones to shop on the go. But especially in the UK, selling goods and services via mobile devices is demanding: Consumers only download apps from brands they trust and most shoppers prefer using a mobile browser. But offering a better mobile experience pays off for retailers, as consumers are willing to pay more for products when the shopping experience is right. more

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Once again Christmas, and with it, the most important sales season for e-commerce is knocking at the door. Händlerbund has surveyed 417 merchants for the yearly Christmas Study about their special offers, expectations and best-sellers. In 2017, merchants are greatly anticipating high turnover that will only be hampered by problems with logistics services. more

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Alibaba plans to invest over $15 billion over the next 3 years developing a global research and development initiative going by the name of Alibaba DAMO Academy. Currently recruiting more than 100 researchers, the Chinese tech giant said the program will help it reach its goal of serving 2 billion customers and creating 100 million jobs by 2036 whilst also “increasing technological collaboration worldwide.” more

hands with a bouquetIt’s not only the fashion sector that profits from digital business. Even products like flowers and plants are immersed in e-commerce. A current report shows that digitalization has a major impact on the floral industry in Europe: within the space of just a few years this sector will show an increase in online-sales of nearly 1/3. more