There is a lot happening in the e-commerce landscape of Czech Republic with double the sales since 2014 (as of 2018). In a report entitled "Payments Landscape in the Czech Republic: Opportunities and Risks to 2022" by Research and Markets, it was found that Czechs have a new-found trust in online security, confidence in e-commerce and a more than a few online stores.

Czech ecommerce
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The report by Research and Markets may have more to do with payments than anything else, but a lot of things can be learned from it. says that e-commerce in Czech Republic is a whole lot more than just alive and well.

Payments Ahoy!

The payment methods used in the country in Eastern Europe begin and end with cash payments, which accounted for 62.1 percent of payment transactions volume last year. The use of payment cards has been growing over the last four years as well. Debit cards are the most popular ones – in terms of number of cards circulated and the transaction value of each purchase. These debit card payments displayed a strong review-period compound annual growth rate of 19.2 percent for 2018. That is 89.3 percent more than in the previous year. 

Credit Cards?

Credit cards, unlike in some countries like the United States, aren't extremely popular in Czech Republic. As of 2018, the report showed that there was only an average of 13 cards per 100 people. 

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Open The Market

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