Fashion, consumer electronics and even furniture are sold in millions via the Internet every day. But not only mainstream products are online-bestsellers. Within the scope of digitization, even categories of special products are going to gain a foothold in digital business. For example: flowers and plants.

hands with a bouquet
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The business with flowers and plants is starting to become an important part of local e-commerce. More and more customers buy flowers and bouquets via Internet and are causing a significant growth in the online floral industry in Europe. As reports, the market share of e-commerce in Europe’s spending on flowers and plants currently ranges in lower levels: In the UK the proportion stands at 14%. Germany is lagging behind with a share of about 3%.

But there is good news for e-commerce business: The Dutch Rabobank expects a remarkable growth in the next few years till 2027, when online market share will be reaching 30%. – This is the conclusion of a current report, Rabobank which was implemented to get more in-depth insights into the floriculture in the Netherlands and Europe. The reason for the future growth is the requests of clients, the bank said: “The generally improved purchasing power has led to more demand and with regards to consumer spending on flowers and plants in Europe, an annual growth of 2% is expected.”

Flowers: Online-Shoppers are getting younger

And there is another interesting fact, the report found: the modern shopper has an unpredictable nature. “Sometimes he wants something good for a low price, while at other time he wants something special without worrying about the price.”

Furthermore, “flowerily” shoppers are getting younger. While 32% of all floral purchases in the Netherlands were 39 years or younger in 2010, in 2016 the proportion was up to 60%.