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With a population of around 83 million inhabitants, German e-commerce was worth €85 billion in 2017. Stationary trade will always be a lucrative channel in Germany, but more and more people are buying online, not to mention using their smartphones, showing that m-commerce is no laughing matter in the central European country. more

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E-commerce is showing double-digit growth in Europe – again! Europeans are shopping online more and more. The choice of product and the ease of receiving these products (they’re shipped to your door!) is luring people away from bricks-and-mortar stores like never before. Many of the smart stationary stores have opened their own web stores over the last few years, and some of them are quite good, bolstering the stationary stores’ business. more

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For many who imbibe, wine is the drink of choice. Whether red, white, rosé or sparkling, people love to cavort like in the days of old Rome, letting Bacchus take control. Who drinks the most wine? What part of revenues from alcoholic beverages are made up of wine sales? Out of 44 countries in the wine market worldwide, which country consumed the most wine in 2017? more

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There hasn't been a lot of European-based news out of the United Kingdom over the past year or two due to Brexit. However, that doesn't mean there is strict radio silence for everyone in the UK. Here is an HM Revenue & Customs Survey For Businesses Trading In Online Retail. more

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The subscription-based economic trend has been changing the way some industries do business, with video, music, sport and food subscription services leading the way. In Europe, consumers spend round about 5% of their spendable income on subscriptions – that’s an average of €130 per month or €350 billion per year on these types of purchases. more

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Increasingly more consumers are using their smartphones to shop on the go. But especially in the UK, selling goods and services via mobile devices is demanding: Consumers only download apps from brands they trust and most shoppers prefer using a mobile browser. But offering a better mobile experience pays off for retailers, as consumers are willing to pay more for products when the shopping experience is right. more