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It is almost impossible for retailers to NOT use Amazon Marketplace and still get by. A new study sets out to show how large the influx is and how many retailers are not keeping up. The study, that lasted for almost 3 years, shows that Amazon Marketplace gains almost 140 retailers every hour. more

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Fake reviews are a very real problem. Amazon is fighting against 13 million fake reviews, investing $400 million to get rid of fake and "purchased" user reviews, and now in Germany, the Federal Ministry of Consumer Protection wants to make fake reviews punishable by law. more

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Alibaba Group has acquired NetEase Kaola for $2 billion. The announcement came today from both companies, who plan to integrate the acquisition into Tmall, which will create the largest cross-border e-commerce platform in China. A potential deal has been pending for weeks, which had stalled in the middle of August after a disagreement between the two companies on transaction details. more

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eBay has announced its fall seller update for 2019, which includes a number of significant changes that will impact sellers. Among other things, the online marketplace is enabling sellers to create Promoted Listings campaigns on mobile devices, as well as giving sellers the ability to authorize users to perform basic listing tasks within accounts to increase efficiency. more

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Amazon typically changes things like seller fees right across all the EU countries when it wants to make more money. Not so this time. Due to France's new digital tax on American tech giants, Amazon reacted by passing along the costs to French Amazon sellers. The seller fees, which the marketplace is raising by 3% for thousands of small and medium-sized businesses in France. more

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Zalando and Adidas have decided to become business partners to run a pilot programme in Paris with multi-channels. Shopping online at the french Adidas website can enjoy same or next day delivery – all thanks to Zalando, who will be delivering the orders for Adidas. Zalando wants to offer brand partners simple, extra ways to connect on the Zalando platform. more