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Just when you thought it was safe to order from Amazon to take advantage of their customer-friendly approach, returning that unwanted item – the online giant feels it is better to destroy those incoming returns and “like-new” items than to repurpose them. Even external vendors get rid of unsold goods through Amazon. more

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Facebook is getting ready to go green, becoming a selling platform. The bad news is, more than a third (37%) of UK consumers think Facebook does not care about them, or their data. As they monetise their Marketplace Ads, this could prove to be a bigger problem than Facebook anticipates. more

© chuyuss / has made an old idea new again, meeting retailers’ demands for shipping goods from European markets to China. Trains are faster than shipping by sea, and cheaper than shipping by air. This may prove to be a viable solution using some old tech right here in the 21st century. Maybe JD will reinvent the train for a new millenium. more

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Amazon has a new, serious competitor in Europe. The Chinese online retailer is launching its e-commerce platform and delivery services in France next year. They will then train their sights on the United Kingdom and Germany. more

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Have you got a good idea for a new kind of marketplace that has never been thought of? Maybe you simply have solid business experience and want to start a classic online marketplace. Starting a marketplace can be expensive and tricky. There is a new micro VC fund that is officially in business – Speedinvest x. If you are in the early stages of your marketplace startup, it’s probably a good idea to get in touch with this brand new investment firm. more

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So far in 2017, over a million sellers have joined Amazon in all twelve Amazon marketplaces. That adds up to 124 new sellers every hour. Half of all the new sellers were contributed by (US) and (India). attracted the most sellers, but is the fastest growing marketplace. It doubled its size in a year and will eventually be the second biggest marketplace for Amazon. These are the results of an analysis by Marketplace Pulse. more