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So far in 2017, over a million sellers have joined Amazon in all twelve Amazon marketplaces. That adds up to 124 new sellers every hour. Half of all the new sellers were contributed by (US) and (India). attracted the most sellers, but is the fastest growing marketplace. It doubled its size in a year and will eventually be the second biggest marketplace for Amazon. These are the results of an analysis by Marketplace Pulse. more

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Wish Inc. may be located in San Francisco, half a world away from us here in Europe, but it has attracted tens of millions of shoppers to its mobile marketplace this year. On the Wish marketplace, one can mainly buy goods from Chinese companies. Even according to mobile research firm App Annie, Wish was the most downloaded shopping app for Android in the 30 days up to 15 October. more

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European countries have long been in conflict with US companies when it comes to taxes. Many companies use loopholes and other tricks to evade taxes. Even on marketplaces such as Ebay and Amazon, some sellers evade VAT. A recent UK report shows how severe this problem is and criticizes especially Ebay and Amazon for not taking enough action. But it’s not only the marketplaces that need to do more about this problem. more