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Zalando has always been known for their free shipping and customer-friendly return policy. This selling point has just become a thing of the past – in Italy. Zalando will now demand payment there for shipping of orders with a value of less than €25. This marks the first time Zalando is asking for shipping costs anywhere. more


The Amazon Marketplace is growing all the time. Worldwide, 1 million new sellers started doing business on the marketplace in the last year. That’s over 2 new sellers every minute. The majority of these sellers are Chinese, who make up around 40% of the sellers on Amazon Marketplace in Europe. more

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Amazon has launched its online print-on-demand service, Merch by Amazon. It’s been 3 years since Merch by Amazon debuted in the US. The service allows customers to design and print their own shirts, hoodies and other apparel. The thing is, this idea is nothing new in Germany and Europe, with Leipzig-based Spreadshirt having been in the business since 2002. more

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As of January 1, 2018, Birkenstock pulled their goods from Amazon. So why were they available 6 months after Birkenstock made that move? Amazon says it’s up to the brand to police its own distribution channels, thusly washing their hands of the responsibility. It seems hard to protect one's brand with Amazon around. Here's some information to help with that. more

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Amazon is making the day longer. They’re stretching it to 36 hours for this year’s Prime Day, giving consumers 12 hours extra to take advantage of their best deals. It starts in two weeks’ time at noon on 16 July. That’s one week later than usual, probably due to the World Cup Semi Finals which are taking place on the usual Prime Day. more

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It came as a surprise that the DIY marketplace DaWanda is closing its doors on 30 August 2018. They are advising merchants on their platform to switch to Etsy – for which they have developed an import tool. DaWanda planned to let the e-commerce world know of its plan to close up shop on Monday, 2 July, but the news came out over the weekend moving into July. more