What is real anymore? Fake reviews are a very real, detrimental force in e-commerce. Counterfeit or purchased reviews not only harm customers, who are tempted to buy due to extremely positive assessments of products and service, but also competitors and the image of the entire industry.

Fake Reviews
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Amazon has also been fighting fake reviews for a long time. Tighter guidelines on the marketplace and strict action against fraudulent users, for example, are intended to put a stop to the problem. As an Amazon spokesman told WirtschaftsWoche, the company has been making inroads in the fight against fake reviews. 

Amazon Pumps Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars Into Stopping Fake Reviews

In the past year alone, Amazon had prevented more than 13 million cases in which users had tried to give a false rating. In addition, "sanctions were imposed on more than five million perpetrators who tried to manipulate ratings," continues WirtschaftsWoche.

Amazon also invests a lot of money in such anti-fraud strategies: according to its own statements, Amazon made more than $400 million in investments last year to protect customers from the misuse of ratings and fraud.

Meanwhile, In Germany

In May, the German Federal Cartel Office had already initiated a sector inquiry into the manipulation of user ratings. For the investigation, the authority intends to "survey more than 50 portals in which user ratings play a particularly important role," announced Andreas Mundt, President of the German Federal Cartel Office. "In addition, we are turning to several providers of technical services for user ratings," Mundt said. 

It remains to be seen how the Federal Ministry of Consumer Protection will proceed with their efforts to make fake reviews punishable by law.