Chinese sellers on Amazon Marketplace are dominating in Europe with over 40% of the new sellers coming from Asia’s most populated country. Around 10% of the new sellers came from Amazon Germany, followed by Amazon UK (9.7%), Amazon France (8.7%), Amazon Italy (8.3%) and Amazon Spain (7.9%). Together, the European marketplaces contributed over 45% of all new sellers.

Amazon marketplace sellers from China© TZIDO SUN /

This data, which was provided by Marketplace Pulse, shows that China is leading the way with new sellers on Amazon Marketplace. Sure, other countries have large chunks of the action, but China is clearly leading the way.

Where The Action Is

The US is Amazon’s largest marketplace, which unsurprisingly continues to get close to a thousand new sellers every single day. The Indian marketplace has doubled from 200,000 sellers to 400,000 sellers in less than 15 months, showing what marketplace will become Amazon’s number 2 marketplace. Germany, including the other 4 European markets shows the efforts made by Amazon sellers to expand internationally.

As the following graphic indicates, most new sellers are based in China and Hong Kong. Some marketplaces are required by local law to share sellers’ business details. This includes all five European markets, Japan and Mexico. Taken together, these 7 marketplaces amount to over half of all new sellers.

Graphs of Chinese Sellers

This kind of information is unfortunately not available for all Amazon marketplaces, especially for the largest one – in the US. Nevertheless, it is known that over 40% of the new sellers on are based in China, because selling in Europe is only a secondary goal for these sellers. Selling in the US is, for them, first and foremost. According to Te-Ping Chen writing for The Wall Street Journal, “For Chinese businesses, the American consumer is prized quarry, seen as less price-conscious and freer-spending than Chinese shoppers”.

The New Markets

Also of note are the most recent marketplaces for Amazon in Australia and Turkey, which are also growing quickly. Amazon launched in Turkey on September 19th, 2018, whilst Australia’s launch was on December 5th, 2017. Along with Brazil and Mexico, these markets have their own unique characteristics – and challenges.

The Amazon Marketplace Funnel

Although there is a constant stream of new sellers, few ever become active. Even less rack up any kind of meaningful sales. Only 300 of the top 10,000 sellers on joined in 2018. The others have been selling for years. This is called the Amazon marketplace funnel – millions of sellers at the top, with only tens of thousands at the bottom. Only 20,000 sellers worldwide have more than $1,000,000 in sales.