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Zalando and Adidas have decided to become business partners to run a pilot programme in Paris with multi-channels. Shopping online at the french Adidas website can enjoy same or next day delivery – all thanks to Zalando, who will be delivering the orders for Adidas. Zalando wants to offer brand partners simple, extra ways to connect on the Zalando platform. more

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The sheer number of results when searching on Amazon can be absolutely overwhelming, with a search often hitting on thousands of items. The "Amazon's Choice" tag often steers us towards items that help to separate the chaff from the wheat. These items often see triple the sales. Now lawmakers and journalists are sounding the alarm about Amazon's Choice, concerned that the tags might be misleading customers. more

© BigTunaOnline /, the international B2B marketplace of Alibaba Group, has introduced some new services. Some of them aren't available on their rivals, Amazon Business. The new services help small and mid-sized companies in the U.S. to do their business. How did Alibaba Group accomplish this, and what is special about their B2B marketplace? more

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Etsy, the global giant in unique and creative goods has inked a definitive deal to pick up Reverb Holdings, Inc. Reverb is a big player in the new, used and vintage musical instruments game on the Internet. Reverb is privately held, and the musical instrument seller is going for a cool $275 million in cash. There may be certain adjustments to that figure with respect to cash, debt, working capital, transaction expenses and the value of equity awards granted in connection with the transaction. more

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Shopify is experiencing increases of 50% in its first-quarter revenue and the gross merchandise value of transactions processed by online retailers using Shopify technology. Recently acquiring mobile commerce firm Handshake Corp., Shopify Inc. has become a much larger technology provider in B2B commerce. more

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Alibaba has made plans to increase the international services provided by its AliExpress subsidiary. Retailers can now sell their goods from Russia, Turkey, Italy and Spain. This full service move from Alibaba will challenge the world's largest online retailer – Amazon. The AliExpress marketplace is winning a lot of fans in Europe for offering many products at ridiculously low prices. more