With the Tories using one of their official Twitter accounts to "fact check"  Labour information during the hour-long debate between Johnson and Corbyn, they have been met with across-the-board criticism from non-partisan fact-checking bodies and misunderstood that, in the 21st century, people do indeed "give a toss" about social media "cut and thrust".

Tory Twitter
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BBC Session

On BBC's Breakfast, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab wouldn't let the interview get a word in edgewise. The message was clear: the Conservatives feel they reserve the right to rebut Labour's claims that, if the Conservatives win the election, they will dismantle the NHS (the National Health Service). The Liberal Democrats have also pleaded with the Electoral Commission that they intervene to stop this form of fact-checking.

Twitter Isn't Happy

Twitter was quite displeased with the renaming of the @CCHQPress account the Conservative party renamed "factcheckUK" during the entire debate. Twitter even went so far as to say it would be taking "decisive, corrective" action if something similar happens again. With all the fervour surrounding the use of social media as a political weapon, advertising one's political agenda like it's an advert for a used car is a hotter topic than the Conservatives seem to think. 

Why The Conservatives Did It

The Tories feel they are in the right using Twitter to set the record straight. The BBC reported Raab saying: "It matters that we have an instant rebuttal mechanism. We want to make it clear that we are holding Labour to account for the nonsense they systematically and serially put on the Conservatives. The reality is, voters will make of the competing claims what they will. What we're not going to do – we won't put up with nonsense that the NHS is up for sale being put up by Jeremy Corbyn."

James Cleverly, Conservative Party chairman, the man responsible for the party's digital campaigning team, said he was "absolutely comfortable" with the move, saving the nature of the site was "clear".

Reported by the Independent, the Tories have been strongly criticized throughout the campaign for spreading fake news and disinformation. For most voters in a supposed democracy, the Labour Parties manifesto can be found here.

This Just In

Now, the second debate scheduled for Sunday, 22 November between Corbyn and Johnson has been cancelled. Boris Johnson has refused to take part. Another head-to-head debate is scheduled to take place on the BBC on Friday, 6 December. Let's see who shows up.