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Shakespeare was known for satirizing the human condition. He could drive home these conditions tragically. Le Monde in France has already called it a Shakespearean in scope, so, what would Will say about Brexit? Whilst Brexit headlines pile up all over Europe (and the world), the European Union gave the British government a three-week break to get British MPs' approval for the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement. Most news outlets in Europe are not confident that this will happen. more

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Fintech's N26 Bank is losing its chief of finance and risk. Matthias Oetken, formerly the market risk manager of HSH Nordbank, has decided to leave N26 – the Berlin-based Fintech Bank – to dedicate himself to a new professional challenge. He will be staying at N26 until a replacement is found for his critical management position at the online bank. more

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CEO Kevin Systrom and CTO Mike Krieger are leaving Instagram. That means the photo-sharing app’s future will be much more tightly controlled by Facebook executives. It goes without saying that this will have major implications for the service. The news has shocked those around Silicon Valley, mostly because it was so unexpected. So what will the future bring for both Instagram and Facebook? more

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A new deal is going down in the e-commerce world. Adobe, a leader in digital media and marketing programs for variety of businesses and consumers, is set to acquire Magento. This will enable Adobe to offer a full suite of e-commerce and marketing services according to  CEO Shantanu Narayen. more

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Mark Zuckerberg has testified before the joint Senate judiciary and commerce committee last week, using his Internet-savvy business acumen and pain-staking preparation to thwart the politicians and their not-so-well informed questions. more

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Bitcoin has hit the $10,000 milestone, leading some to speculate that it may lead to a trillion dollar industry – the biggest thing to happen in technology since the advent of the Internet. However, there is no way to assign a book value to the currency, leaving everyone unsure of what to think or do. more