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J.P. Morgan is the number one e-commerce acquirer in Europe (by web transaction volume). When the total transaction volume is taken into account, the financial services company is the fourth largest acquirer in Europe. With these statistics from the Nilson Report, a publication that brings news and statistics about the card and mobile payments. J.P. Morgan says this market growth has fueled its growth to move from the sixth-place merchant acquirer in Europe to fourth-place. more

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If you are a frequent online shopper, and you live in Hamburg, Germany, there’s a multi-label parcel shop that unites DPD, Hermes, GLS and UPS where customers can pick up and drop off packages from any of the aforementioned logistics companies. After a one-year test run, the parcel shop for competing delivery companies has opened for business in Hamburg-Bergedorf. more

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If you love PayPal and live in Europe, you now have a wider range of payment methods with the Smart Payment Button. Introduced in the US three months ago, Smart Payment gives consumers more choices when it comes to paying. The checkout dynamically shows the most relevant payment methods when one goes to pay. These include PayPal (that goes without saying), Venmo and PayPal Credit. more

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Stories have been all over the Internet for a couple of years now that Amazon, one of a handful of online retail giants, was thinking about and then opening a logistics wing of their already gargantuan company. Finally, it has been confirmed that what was once just a dream is, in truth, becoming a reality to the online behemoth – Amazon will soon be acting as their own wings and wheels, potentially cutting out traditional shipping companies like FedEx, UPS and USPS. Online retailers offered up some commentary on what they think about this development. more

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Europe isn’t always first in technologies of the future. You can drive down large parts of the German Autobahn, for example, and lose your connection for kilometres causing a lot of stress when you’re trying to buy that swimsuit you forgot at home, having it sent to your hotel in Corsica, all whilst on your way south on holidays. Still, users and shoppers may soon be rejoicing. At the latest EU Summit, there was hope that mobile Internet in Europe will be developed into 5G on the domestic market. more