Building a payment platform to drive global business is, in the world of digital payment, a holy grail. Payoneer, hailing from Israel, knows this, and has acquired Optile – a German payment platform that could help them to globalize payment.

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Thanks to a press release from Payoneer, and, we learn that Optile is a "payment orchestration pioneer" with a single API. That means retailers can add payment options and partners. Optile is designed to help businesses scale more quickly to new markets they enter. Payoneer, which is a cross-border payments platform originally from Israel, expects to close the transaction within the next two months.

Independence In Business

Acquiring Optile, Payoneer hopes, will help to further build its independent payments platform. Payoneer's CEO, Scott Galit stated that Optile has an enterprise-grade tech and partner-friendly approach, which should be a great addition to Payoneer's global platform. He added, “We both [Payoneer and Optile] believe businesses deserve an open platform that gives them full control over their business and streamlines payments globally – empowering them to accelerate growth today and meet their evolving needs in the future.”

An Affiliated Partner Ecosystem

So what features does Optile offer businesses? One feature is its ability to allow retailers to create their own ecosystem of affiliated partners. That means, for example, an airline company can create an ecosystem of retailers that offer travel-related services. A customer can pay for a flight ticket, hotel or car rental without needing to re-enter their payment information – true frictionless payment.

Daniel Smeds, founder and CEO of Optile had this to say, “In joining forces with Payoneer, we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to leverage their global infrastructure and team to continue building the world’s leading open payment orchestration platform. Payoneer shares our obsession with customer experience, meeting their needs today while preparing them for tomorrow, and are equally committed to bringing simplicity, flexibility and scale to today’s digital business.”