Hamburg now boasts Germany’s first multi-label parcel shop which bundles pick up and drop off services from DPD, Hermes, GLS and UPS. Der Spiegel reported that the manager of the center, Lutz Müller, said that Deutsche Post subsidiary DHL was also approached, but as of right now, isn’t taking part in the venture.

Hamburg inner-city
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Most people who have ordered online know what it’s like to receive a message that a package has arrived – at the package station across town. Also difficult to deal with are package stations with ridiculous opening times.

A multi-label parcel shop gives online shoppers an easier point of contact. It also seems there is a lot of interest for pick up and drop off points that include multiple logistics brands. During testing, the customer frequency went up from 230 to 1500 packages per month. The capacity of the shop is also much larger.

Traffic And Pollution Reduction

People need a lot of time and cause a lot of air pollution travelling to multiple pick up points. With this project, logistic companies want to reduce the amount of time consumers need to reach certain pick up points. They feel air pollution in the city will also be reduced.

Last mile delivery is an increasing problem in big cities with their ever-worsening traffic problems that make punctual delivery very difficult. In peak seasons like Christmas, this is especially a problem, with inner cities’ lack of large spaces for storage.

What The Future May See

Along with electric delivery vehicles to cut down on air and noise pollution, the future may see multi-label parcel shops become normal, with consumers’ need for convenience winning out over companies needing to have an exclusive place for pick up and drop off.