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It's the year 2019, and we have many, many ways we can pay for things these day. In Europe, however, cards are the preferred payment method. But not just for consumers. Retailers also prefer cards. The use of cards has been growing for several years now, with 87% of European consumers finding a sense of comfort paying with their cards. more

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Pornhub is deeply upset, in fact "devastated", by PayPal's decision to stop offering payment services to models on the adult-oriented website. Late Wednesday evening, it was announced that PayPal was not supporting payments for Pornhub anymore. This decision will impact thousands of performers who use the site as a source of income. more

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Facebook is now becoming a payment provider, unveiling plans to roll out Facebook Pay – its payment service – across Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp on its continuing journey to become a marketplace. Facebook Pay will be rolling out this week in the United States on Facebook and Messenger for in-game purchases, fundraisers, event tickets and person-to-person payments. Even purchases can be made from some pages and businesses over Facebook Marketplace. more

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YouTube has new terms of service. The new terms have some users and content creators afraid that the company could delete their accounts, if those accounts are deemed "not commercially viable". The nature of this wording has, especially, creators of content worried, because, if YouTube isn't making money from your content, you could be terminated for not being a cash cow for the video platform. more

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There are many advantages for online shops when they add different payment methods to their checkout. Mobile wallets are deeply integrated into the world of digital commerce and Apple Pay is no exception. Wallets such as Apple Pay, PayPal, etc., reduce errors and eliminate the need to get addresses and credit card numbers. Apple Pay might be a good payment method, but is it right for your shop? more

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J.P. Morgan is the number one e-commerce acquirer in Europe (by web transaction volume). When the total transaction volume is taken into account, the financial services company is the fourth largest acquirer in Europe. With these statistics from the Nilson Report, a publication that brings news and statistics about the card and mobile payments. J.P. Morgan says this market growth has fueled its growth to move from the sixth-place merchant acquirer in Europe to fourth-place. more